Monday, May 11, 2015

Changing Weather

The Changing weather,
The shift in the signs.
It twists, it turns,
Becoming white hot.
The pain...
From the pressure.
It builds until it feels,
Rolling hills and never stopping.
The hot white comes to the point.
Pressure shifts.
White hot leaves.
Until the next changing.
The next shift in the never ending cycle.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Begining of the Night

The sun sets with one last ray shooting across the sky, as if in an effort to stave off the oncoming darkness. One last attempt before dissapearing below the horizon. Then comes the darkness, the cool air turning to cold, then colder as the dark settles in. Stars Brighten the black of the sky and, hidden in the black of the night lies a sliver of silver that is the moon. The grasshoppers play the chorus and far off in the woods the owl softly hoots the melody. Thus settles the night leaving behind the day.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I've come to the realization that I'm sitting here in a sea of doubt and self-pity, and i keep giving myself excuses as to why I wouldn't be good for any of the jobs I am most likely qualified for. I will most likely continue in this vein of reasoning for who knows how much longer. Is it the change I am afraid of or just failure? There is no magic crystal ball to tell me yes or no, no higher power to shine a light saying this is the decision I should make. I just have to take a leap of faith and decide. What am I deciding though? To stay the same is not the decision I can make, but what change do i need to implement? I had a plan at one point in my life. I completed that goal, and that plan. I forgot to make a new one and now I'm stuck. I've been lazy and it's easy being lazy but it's not good. My own fears are winning and I need to fight back. I need to stop letting the fear paralyze me from living.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

To Hide or not to Hide, That is the Question

Hiding in plain sight. That is the feat everyone wishes they could accomplish, but what happens when you do complete this goal? Does it mean you are invisible, or does it mean you are ignored? Maybe it is both. Why do so many want this? Is it beneficial? To answer any of these questions you have to look into yourself. Only you have the answers, and only you have the solutions.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Dictation poems

Here are some more poems from the dictation software. I've had them sitting around for awhile. Here are a few that I've worked on recently.

The owner moved,
He won a virtual renting room with a couple.
It was a visual collage of poetry and bookends,
Which was used as a dustup in Beverly Hills.
No violation or messy haphazard images overlapped or collided with each other.

A totally good room moves like a really cheap old saw.
You can bet their look is about to include handling a storm for a run at parenting that is not love.

A Little found a home in one of the rooms where lives a Big running in plain as an illegal.
Both only come in little ways and there is a known villain in his zone.
The final room needs to run a low tone system or a low bow of poetry.

Turn into a Vodafone on your food is as his own for the one final thought:
Him alone by chat with atmospheres and for those of you in for a death of dualism and privilege of a little-known stone bunch is often a call for a school of thought.

Who is the author of a hard hunger, having you going to own a win from him?

Young angers him as good as alive or are you a drone?
Drone at will on a thing and bring a zone and a do it to him.
Known to him, will fall ones who are in a group of the big home run.
Lead him in and you can answer this to him, them were a minimum of an engine who are wounding my zooming.

A clause in his own.
When should I go is a sure sync and using this is just worthless over us.

Format so that his or her at seasons is a climate in a visit going to serve as a floor in an era of a blizzard moving him.