Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Dictation poems

Here are some more poems from the dictation software. I've had them sitting around for awhile. Here are a few that I've worked on recently.

The owner moved,
He won a virtual renting room with a couple.
It was a visual collage of poetry and bookends,
Which was used as a dustup in Beverly Hills.
No violation or messy haphazard images overlapped or collided with each other.

A totally good room moves like a really cheap old saw.
You can bet their look is about to include handling a storm for a run at parenting that is not love.

A Little found a home in one of the rooms where lives a Big running in plain as an illegal.
Both only come in little ways and there is a known villain in his zone.
The final room needs to run a low tone system or a low bow of poetry.

Turn into a Vodafone on your food is as his own for the one final thought:
Him alone by chat with atmospheres and for those of you in for a death of dualism and privilege of a little-known stone bunch is often a call for a school of thought.

Who is the author of a hard hunger, having you going to own a win from him?

Young angers him as good as alive or are you a drone?
Drone at will on a thing and bring a zone and a do it to him.
Known to him, will fall ones who are in a group of the big home run.
Lead him in and you can answer this to him, them were a minimum of an engine who are wounding my zooming.

A clause in his own.
When should I go is a sure sync and using this is just worthless over us.

Format so that his or her at seasons is a climate in a visit going to serve as a floor in an era of a blizzard moving him.

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